THE BRAND ALUA LIULÉ WAS BORN IN 2011 WHEN I STARTED CREATING AND SEWING CLOTHES FOR NORA, A NEWBORN IN OUR FAMILY. She was such a tiny-lovely peanut and I just wanted to give her something special, as special as she was. I quickly realized that most childrenswear stores offered pink or blue outfits for the little ones, then shifted to rigorous greys, browns or blacks for the older ones. That didn’t suit my needs at all!


At the time I had just moved from Venice to Berlin. I worked as an architect and sewed things for myself during my free time. That’s when the idea occured to me that I could create something beautiful for Nora.


I got myself in that kind of experimental mood that we all need to give our best, and after a while the first tiny jacket was ready ...


I was satisfied and the gift was also well appreciated.

Some friends asked for more, others suggested I should sell those jackets on the web.

I discovered that people bought my jackets and even asked for new clothes !

The enthusiasm motivated me to launch my own clothing line.

Since then I’ve been designing, creating and producing unique handmade baby and children’s clothing for ages 0 to 7. Now "Alua Liulé" is my work, my life, my passion and my daily job.


Taking inspiration from the taste and traditions of my Italian grandparents, my collections are classic and playful. I choose simple forms, classic fabrics such as tweed and linen, and fun details with colorful linings and clip buttons.

By using high-quality fabrics with internal linings and minimal seams, the resulting outfits feel consistent and soft to the touch, while being resistant to any children’s activities.


As it was in the beginning, I still produce some clothes myself and leave others to be produced in Berlin, where I live.


Handmade creation is an important issue for me and my brand. I believe in the hand and its work as a means of self-expression.

I believe that if you create something with your hands and your soul you can feel the love in it.

That’s what Alua Liulé represents for me: beautiful baby and children’s clothes, full of love and passion. Every single one of them.